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8 Sep 2017

This blog page and contents, address, 2 products with click bank set up, aweber client list, twitter address.  Accepting offers until November 15, 2017- email   Other ventures have taken off and I am not able to manage this page as well.   Thanks Jacqueline

I hope everyone is having a great holiday season.  So what is it like to be pregnant through the holidays?  You are missing out on unpasteurized cheeses, wine and need more sleep than others.  On a positive note you are not hungover, most likely have gone to bed on time.  Your only enemy could be […]

News for your baby bump regarding fitness regime at the link below;

Don’t Slip- LATERAL TRAINING For Pregnancy

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27 Nov 2008

Around your 4th month of pregnancy you could begin to lose your balance. Your pelvis is opening, you are using your gluts, lateral (outside) leg muscles in a different way and your baby bump is starting to show. Try this simple lateral exercise suitable for any stage of pregnancy. You can use any style resistance […]


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8 Nov 2008

I’m sure you are extremely fatigued and many days exercise is the last thing on your mind. If you can manage to peel yourself away from your chair you will feel more energized. Simple ways to help combat pregnancy fatigue; 1. Eat a balanced diet-include protein in each snack2. Eat often– do not allow your […]

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