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So my girls are counting the dogs boobies and reviewing what colour they are.   Great, they are both very curious and have realized SAMMY the dog is a girl and daddy is a boy.     I have just been informed the dog is licking herself as well.   I indicated this is OK, this is how she […]

Pregnancy Fitness -Ileotibial Band Syndrome

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17 Apr 2009

Roll your I.T. band from your hip bone to the side of your knee. 5xFor your vastus medialis (inside of leg, just above knee cap) remember to drove your heel into the floor so it is flat and you have extended your knee (straightened your leg)- 15x Yes it is true pregnant women are prone […]

Pregnancy Fitness Program

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13 Jan 2009

Try out this little stretch. Stabilize your back against a wall and tuck your chin under then proceed to roll down while thinking of lifting your spine up on the wall as you curl forward. I have had some very postitive feedback from my pregnant women who are testing out my new pregnancy fitness program. […]

Pregnancy Posture-Interview 2

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19 Dec 2008

Question BBF -Dr A, can you list the muscles that become tight during pregnancy and the muscles that become weak during pregnancy as the body changes? Dr. A– A woman’s posture changes significantly throughout pregnancy. This is accompanied by many imbalances in the body where some muscles become too tight while others become too weak. […]

Why Are You Doing THAT Exercise??

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15 Dec 2008

Have you ever looked at your fitness routine and asked yourself, why am I doing this exercise. There is one exercise that is prevalent in most pregnancy fitness routines and I hate it. It follows the fitness pregnancy guidelines so it must be safe, right. Yes it is safe, but is it relevant. The shoulder […]

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