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I just got an email from Isabel De Le Rios of The Diet Solution.  She is the author of an eating program for healthy living and great news it’s is safe for pregnancy.  This is an excellent supplement to the Baby Bump Pregnancy System.  Isabel’s program offers natural nutrition, great recipes and is designed for optimal health.  If […]

Muscle cramps are a nagging part of pregnancy. A few way to avoid muscle cramps are; 1. Preform a proper warm up and cool down during your exercise routine. Your cool down should be extended and gradually bring your heart rate back to resting before perform static stretching. This will keep blood from pooling in […]

Today I’ll report on some easy nutrition tips, with some modifications so you can give them to your children or send them to a “nut free” child zone such as school, daycare or birthday parties.  These are also great snacks when you are pregnant.  Eating is essential for all, but to get in healthy snacks […]

Since caffeine in pregnancy is such a hot and controversial topic, I decided to continue this post from last day. I gave many tips on how to make a healthier coffee if you NEED it. Now it’s time to talk about The Good / The Bad and The Ugly of caffeine. How does this affect […]

Making an Eco-Friendly GREEN NURSERY

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9 Feb 2009

There is a great blog called Organically Grown- healthy green baby. I found they had a great blog post on finding a eco-friendly crib and crib mattress. Here is the post link for the crib . If you have ever shopped for a crib you will note that the eco-friendly crib is no more […]

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