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Carrying over from last days post regarding exercise progressions, and Not Running before Walking. This may have caused more confusion as where to start exercising as a new mom.  Follow these simple rules. 1. Stabilize or Re-stabilize your joints before starting an intense exercise program. 2. Fix old/new injuries that may have flared up with […]

Since caffeine in pregnancy is such a hot and controversial topic, I decided to continue this post from last day. I gave many tips on how to make a healthier coffee if you NEED it. Now it’s time to talk about The Good / The Bad and The Ugly of caffeine. How does this affect […]

Your body is constantly changing during your pregnancy. Some days are good or energetic days and some days are well questionable. Don’t worry, you can change your workout to accommodate both types of days. Y Squat   If you are having an energetic pregnancy day you can circuit your pregnancy workout. Group 2-3 exercises together […]

A new study indicates healthy pregnant women are not getting enough exercise.   Only 23% of pregnant women exercised enough to meet the ACOG pregnancy exericse guidelines.  Many of the benefits of exercising during pregnancy include helping to reduce backaches, constipation, bloating, and swelling; helping to prevent or treat gestational diabetes; increasing energy; improving […]

I have just started to train a new pregnant woman at the gym- she thinks she is 7-8 weeks pregnant. I noticed during the assessment she was getting breathless quick and kept referring to how deconditioned she is. I told her the facts on what is happening to her body while exercising during this early […]

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