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Muscle cramps are a nagging part of pregnancy. A few way to avoid muscle cramps are; 1. Preform a proper warm up and cool down during your exercise routine. Your cool down should be extended and gradually bring your heart rate back to resting before perform static stretching. This will keep blood from pooling in […]

Pregnancy Fitness and Massage Therapy

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28 Apr 2009

Please visit BABY BUMP SOCIAL for a guest blog post by experienced registered massage therapist Anna Lui. Anna has written a small post on the benefits of pregnancy massage. She is available for questions through the BABY BUMP SOCIAL site. Make the most of your pregnancy, you may not feel like to have time to […]


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30 Mar 2009

One of many symptoms of pregnancy is pubic pain. Loosened ligaments increase the mobility of the pelvic joint and can cause pain and irritation. This irritation may be worsened by exercise, impact and weight bearing activities. If you suffer from this irritation while performing hip adduction, hip abduction (side lying leg lifts) and to a […]

Morning Sickness

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30 Dec 2008

I have found a great natural do it yourself/self-help ebook to help with morning sickness. Please follow my link at in the sidebar or click on the title. I have never suffered from severe morning sickness, but know many women who have. I understand it is debilitating for many women. During my pregnancies I had […]

Pregnancy Posture-Interview 2

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19 Dec 2008

Question BBF -Dr A, can you list the muscles that become tight during pregnancy and the muscles that become weak during pregnancy as the body changes? Dr. A– A woman’s posture changes significantly throughout pregnancy. This is accompanied by many imbalances in the body where some muscles become too tight while others become too weak. […]

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