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Ok today I am on a tight schedule and don’t want to think too much.  We are packing to go to the cottage and the kids are overtired.  I did a simple workout to get my heart rate going, and prevent some tightness for driving for 2.5 hours. I did 6 sets of this 3 […]

So my girls are counting the dogs boobies and reviewing what colour they are.   Great, they are both very curious and have realized SAMMY the dog is a girl and daddy is a boy.     I have just been informed the dog is licking herself as well.   I indicated this is OK, this is how she […]

For 3 great workout check out the bottom of last days post.  I have another one, not quite as intense, but effective for posture. Busy Mom Workout– 3 sets of external shoulder rotations, shoulder press wall slides, arm swings and legs swings, foam rolling and my workout begins.  This is a strength workout so movements […]

Today I want to touch on the subject of what is recommended with regards to exercise for pregnant women of different fitness levels. This is a subject that is not often addressed and recommendations have recently changed. I hope this clears up any questions. A beginner is a women who has never exercised or who […]

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