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9 Nov 2008

good way to lose weight after pregnancy?… this is working great and even if I am sleep deprived (usually) I can complete this program. Hope this helps. JFitMom … – 52k – Cached – Similar pages Exercise CentralMGARCHI08, 14, JFITMOM 11/3/08 1:23 P. Running question ยท MAOFMANDY, 4, CRCASTLE 11/1/08 5:58 P. Ab Slider? […]

Out To Lunch

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27 Oct 2008

Today I completed a 10 minute blaster workout just before the baby interrupted me with a hunger scream. She has a six sense of know when my 10 minutes to myself is done. This has happened many times before, but I was on to the babies tactics. I made my post workout drink in advance, […]

Time’s Ticking On

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23 Oct 2008

It was off to the gym to train clients early this morning. It was a good day and I had my typical 30 minute break when I did my workout. My workout– 8 sets of pull ups and 8 sets of burpies done as super sets. I then had my post workout drink and was […]

Healthy Meal Tips for Busy New Mom’s

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21 Oct 2008

Today I was up early and off to work armed with my gym bag of clothes and food, my laptop, kettlebell and breast pump in hand. It was a full day of training and at the end my sessions it was my turn to workout. I asked my newest client to stick around and watch […]

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