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8 Sep 2017

This blog page and contents, address, 2 products with click bank set up, aweber client list, twitter address.  Accepting offers until November 15, 2017- email   Other ventures have taken off and I am not able to manage this page as well.   Thanks Jacqueline

Carrying over from last days post regarding exercise progressions, and Not Running before Walking. This may have caused more confusion as where to start exercising as a new mom.  Follow these simple rules. 1. Stabilize or Re-stabilize your joints before starting an intense exercise program. 2. Fix old/new injuries that may have flared up with […]

Today I thought I had NO ENERGY, but I surprised myself and ripped out a great busy mom workout.   I think I just got into the “poor me” mindset because the weather was crappy, I am a single parent for the next few days, blah, blah, blah.  I started with my foam rolling and some […]


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19 May 2009

It has been a long haul this week, my husband was away since last Thursday and finally on the day he is to return, the girls woke up sick. A long week of work and parenting on my own, I was so looking forward to taking them to Riverdale Farms for the day and enjoying. […]


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30 Apr 2009

Today I rocked the house with my workout. I was actually at a gym and had someone cancel, so of course I took advantage on my FREE hour and rocked it out. Busy Mom Fat Loss Workout– today I took my time with my warmup and made sure my thoracic spine was open before beginning […]

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