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Writing and video by Jacqueline Gradish, SFG2 I love using kettle bells, especially for moms, kettle bells work.  They fit with our lifestyle, compact, versatile, inexpensive and efficient.  I do go to a gym 1x a week, but the rest of the days I train with kettle bells in my house or yard.  Below I […]

Post Partum Abdominal Exercises This week I was talking to my massage therapist and she said she had a post natal client with diastasis recti.  She said she was doing crunches and her abdominal split was getting worse- she was 6 months post partum if I recall correctly. First What is Rectus Diastasis?  Wikipedia Definition It is the separation […]

There are plenty of programs out there promoting HIIT.  This stands for High Intensity Interval Training.  This can be performed in many modes such sprint intervals, resistance super-set, 6-8 exercise circuits, tabata style intervals.  I definitely am an advocate of using resistance training in these intervals as well.  Does this mean barbells, dumbbells- yes and no.  […]

Today I am going to post a little stretching program.  Stress and cold weather along with dehydration can really tighten everything up.  My own shoulder is bugging my with all this change and the fact that my daughter has just gained weight.  5 SUPER  BUSY MOM STRETCHES 1. neck/traps   2.  traps/scapula   3. pectorials   4. gluteals   5.  […]

Another tid bit of information regarding sleep. Over the past 3 nights my baby has been sick so I was averaging about 3 hours sleep per night and completing a course through the day (so not napping). WOW, has this ever affected my maximum strength. I did have a good night sleep last night but, […]

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