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What I Learned From My Children

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21 Jan 2009

After a busy weekend concerning my Nana’s funeral I am back on track today. I had a great little mom fat loss workout using 20 seconds work and 10 seconds rest Tabata intervals. My Workout: push ups, modified pull ups, front chops, jump squats, dumb bell lunge cross over, lateral lunge, squat alternating dumb bell […]


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5 Dec 2008

That’s right bananas, spit up all over me around 12am the other night, I guess she(AVA) doesn’t like them. I was frantically wiping myself clean with a little help from the dog so I could be somewhat presentable at the gym the next morning. My toddler(KASIA) has a hard time understanding that I WORK. I […]

Working Mother

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6 Nov 2008

The term “working mother” rolls off the tongue and is easily said without thought. The reality is “it’s f**king hard”. RESUME of a working mother Job description– clean entire house, laundry, feed family -sub jobs include- grocery shop, cook, make lunches, nurse baby, taxi driver, bath kids, oh yah and go to a 9-5 and […]

Kids in The Kitchen

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4 Nov 2008

When my toddler asks me if she can help in the kitchen, instead of pushing her away I embrace the opportunity. I have kid proofed my kitchen, we have a metal guard around our gas cook top (from about 15$), the knife block is pushed back into the corner and we have a wall […]

Mom- An Isolated Word

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30 Oct 2008

I picked my baby up from daycare today and she looked at me and said MOM clear as day, she has been mumbling it for a while, but I am now officially “MOMMA”, this is all she can say. I am bursting I need to share this, she is 7 months and time is flying […]

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