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9 May 2009

Check out this video I got for mothers day, the funniest thing I have seen in a while. MOTHER OF THE YEAR. Enjoy a laugh, Jacqueline Don’t forget to sign up for your free 4 week Mothers Day Fitness program at the end of last days post.

Fat Loss Workout for the Sleep Deprived Mom

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4 May 2009

Ladies/Moms,I did forget to mentioned the most important mom feature of all (after a sleepless night myself) Working out while Sleep Deprived. Short workouts such as the ones provided as the FREE MOTHERS DAY GIFT for all Baby Bump Busy Moms are manageable to complete while sleep deprived without disrupting results. Please note if you […]


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30 Apr 2009

Today I rocked the house with my workout. I was actually at a gym and had someone cancel, so of course I took advantage on my FREE hour and rocked it out. Busy Mom Fat Loss Workout– today I took my time with my warmup and made sure my thoracic spine was open before beginning […]

Ok, how do you take care of your children, run your house hold, make money, and eat a healthy- hot family meal every night. Two words–CROCK POT. That’s right, I rely on my Slow Cooker to provide a healthy- hot meal for my family. I use the slow cooker about 4 nights a week and […]


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12 Jan 2009

So if you read last days post you are probably wondering what can I use at home for a busy mom fat loss workout if I am not going to use a big bulky machine. It’s simple- I’ll give you 3 guesses- write in and let me know. I’ll give you a hint, if your […]

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