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2 Jun 2009

Today I was back on track with my busy mom fat loss program. I am focusing on metabolic training this week. I woke with a sore back this morning as the baby has just gained some weight, she needed 2 baths yesterday and I slept in a weird position. At the gym I had a […]


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5 Dec 2008

That’s right bananas, spit up all over me around 12am the other night, I guess she(AVA) doesn’t like them. I was frantically wiping myself clean with a little help from the dog so I could be somewhat presentable at the gym the next morning. My toddler(KASIA) has a hard time understanding that I WORK. I […]

Sorry to be away but the girls are both sick. I’m training today because my dad is helping with the kids. My workout today- 2 x thru this circuit-ball pull ins, ball toe taps, 1 legged ball pull in. Explosive band kettle bell front chops/modified pull ups, barbell front squat/kettle bell cleans, Power band barbell […]

Pay It Forward

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11 Nov 2008

I am on my own this week, my husband is on a business trip. I woke up this morning, got my eldest ready for her school picture day, and searched the house for something beginning with the letter “I” for show and tell- no dice. As I was packing up the girls the green bin […]

OUR FAMILY WORKOUT On the weekend my husband mentioned he is only get 1/2 of his workout done in the morning the dog clicks her paws and whines and wakes up the kids. I asked, how long do you workout for-20minutes. I asked him to work out with me, we can cut that in half. […]

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