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Women’s Summer Fit Camp

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15 Jun 2016
Boards Are Ready For Fit Camp

Boards Are Ready For Fit Camp



Are you ever confused by the constantly changing fitness trends and aren’t sure which workouts are best for you?
Would you like to have a home program that you have confidence it is tailored made for your body?
Do you like to workout hard, but workout smart?

You will learn proper lifting techniques so that you can minimize the chance of injuries.
You will understand when to train hard, which will ensure you have a lot of energy for your family post workout.
You will learn how to SUP so you can enjoy the peace and excitement of being on the Ontario Lake.  

Dead Bug

Dead Bug

Don’t be confused or bored with your fitness.  Empower yourself with options.  

Learn optimal workout order, basics of a balanced fitness program.  

Don’t leave this to chance- your body and time are precious- take control.

KB wrist stability





All levels welcome- do what you can, check your ego at the door and have fun.

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