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I have been getting a lot of questions regarding pelvic floor health lately.  A few simple rules to follow.

1.  Even if you feel fit late in your pregnancy avoid jumping, jogging and jarring movements, you may not be able to measure the pressure on your PF before it’s too late.

2.  Don’t start an exercise program too early.  Many women want their post pregnancy body back quickly and rush into an exercise program before they are ready.  Make sure your pelvic floor is healthy and you are getting enough sleep before exercising.  If you are experiencing urinary incontinence fix this problem first before multi joint weight training, running or jumping.  Follow the video below.

Starting point to help pelvic health.  Make sure your back os flat on the floor and your back muscles are slightly flexed pressing into the wall.  Lift your knee, FILL YOUR BELLY with air (not your chest), keeping your back flat.  Push the air out of your belly while flexing your abdominals and pulling up your pelvic floor.  You need to master this, then you can apply this biomechanical breathing match to many more exercises to start to improve.

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