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Kettle Bell User Courses

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10 Dec 2015

I am setting up two dates for Hard style Kettle Bell user courses in mid town Toronto.  The first proposed date is January 24 (Sunday) and the second date will be a week day.  The course will cover Swing, TGU, Clean, Squat, Press, Snatch.  If you are interested please send my a message at 

Kettle bells are a moms best fitness friend.  Portable, capable of metabolic and strength training in a very short time, easy to store.  EACH MOVE HAS A BIOMECHANICAL BREATHING MATCH with the lifts.  This is very important for a mom.  It’s the start of learning to tense your muscles including your pelvic floor and diaphragm during lifts.  Its a work in progress but is the start of helping incontinence.  You may need some precursor exercises, but using this system of lifts will give you everything you need as a mom.

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