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16 Nov 2014

We moved at the end of this summer at the same time I took on training our NHL and AHL athletes at summer training camp.  Busy times once again, along wit the stress of moving children, making friends and integrating into a new community.  Workouts were brief, but existent everyday.  Some days they were 30 minutes, but somedays 1o minutes.  Even during this stressful time, I was able to increase my one sided overhead Kettle Bell press to 24kg per side.  It didn’t take a long time each day, but it did require me to press overhead 5x per week.  Small amounts of time moving MATTERS.  It matters more than you think- its actually all you need for whatever you goal is- fat loss, improving flexibility, or increase in strength.

Binge workouts are not the way to go-  now repeat that.  Be consistent and move everyday and move every hour for spinal health.

I have personally moved beyond post baby fat loss workouts, my children are getting older.  Since then I have achieved many new levels in fitness and coaching.  I have transitioned to training pro athletes and some older adults as well.  I have achieved my Strong First SFG 1 kettle bell certification, completed overhead press programs achieving 24kgx2 each side and I am currently training towards my STRONG FIRST body weight instructors certification where I will complete a full 1 arm pushup.  Anything is possible with consistency, it doesn’t matter where you start, enjoy the journey on the way to achieving your goals.



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