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Monday Morning Practice

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20 Jan 2014

This morning before the kids woke I got up and did this short workout (practice).  I used a weight that is about 25% of what I would normally use just to practice some movement and get muscles firing after the weekend.


Warmup- foam roll, kneeling rock back, cross crawl (demonstrated in photo), hip hinge

3 sets- Wall slides 10/arm with 5 pushupsBabyBump Mom Fitness 062

3 sets- bent over rows 12x with one side overhead press 10-12x

2 sets of top end only Kettlebell windmill 8x/side

100 Kettle bell swings- 10 rest, 20 rest, 10 rest, 20 rest, 10 rest, 20 rest, 10 done- today I practiced one skill within the swing focusing on firing my lats, but now over-firing and allowing a relaxation period at the top of my swing

Like I said this was practice and I performed every move today with a light 9kg bell (light for my body size as I am 155lb).  I chose 1 part of the move to perfect when I drop the weight like this.  During my bent rows I focused on not over squeezing at the back of my row (as this can slide the scapula up and translate your humerus forward in the shoulder joint), during my press I focused on packing my shoulder in the socket mid way thru and at the top of the lift.  During my windmill I focused on my side hip hinge with abdominal bracing.

If you are a tired mom today, this is what I recommend- practice your moves.  Just moving can relax your mind, increase your blood flow and help train neural pathways that will allow you to get stronger.

Enjoy your busy mom fitness practice session today.

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