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Summer time means working out on my deck and training some clients in the park.  This is refreshing, fun and beats the routine of the gym.  A few things to remember to beat the heat.  We have extreme weather in Toronto going from -30 to +30 C in the matter of a few months listen to your body.

Working out, outdoors- check list

1.  Workout early in the morning, this is when the air is the cleanest from smog and pollen and UV.  If working out in the shade make sure the tree or whatever is very high as to avoid getting trapped in a smog/pollen cloud under the canopy.

2.  Hydrate often.

3. Reduce weight/intensity to acclimatize to the weather, listen to your body.

4. HAVE FUN- throw a med ball around, play on the park equipment just enjoy your surroundings.

Today I Did my BUSY MOM workout a the local schoolyard in Cabbagetown Toronto

1.  Dynamic warmup- t spine stretches, arm circles, lateral moves, hip hinges

2.  4 sets of 3 reps of pullups on the monkey bars

3.  Med ball Dynamic moves- 5 of each chest throws against wall, slams, throws off each hip, underhand 3 extension throws- 2x

4.  Kettlebell complex 2x- double clean, press, goblet squat in a reverse ladder 5,4,3,2,1 and repeat

5.  Kettlebell snatches for techniques- 16kg KB    5×5  4 rounds



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