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Yes hip strength is very important during pregnancy. Working on your hip rotators, flexors and extensors may help prevent some low back discomfort. Your pelvis is changing and your muscles are changing in length too, you need to keep them strong so they do not become too tight, too loose or too weak on any one position.  Continually strengthening to accommodate your changing body can prevent discomfort.  It doesn’t take much.

When preforming hip strength exercises later in pregnancy you can complete them standing. Doing a simple standing hip extension or lateral raise can do the trick. If you experience low back pain during standing hip extension this is a red flag to discontinue this exercise. Your best bet is to perform closed kinetic chain leg moves to prevent any pelvic shearing that you become more prone to later in pregnancy. By closed kinetic chain I mean both feet fixed on the floor, like in a stationary lateral lunge.

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