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I did a great Kettle bell workout on my back deck this weekend with my kids- no they are too young to lift the size KB I have.   I do have them do my warmup with me they play with the bands a bit and lift the 8lb med ball.  They lose interest after this but they think they have done something with me. I think it is important to for them to see me exercise and that they realize it is a regular part (or should be) of everyone’s life.  Now I can begin my work.

5 box jumps, 5 hard style pushups   3 sets

5 goblet squats, 5 deadlifts- for further warm-up

2×10 swings

5 to 1  drop ladder- I use double 25lb or 12 kg today, I sometime use heavier or lighter depending on where I am in my week of workouts.

KB clean, press, goblet squat -5x,4x,3x,2x,1x  REST and repeat 2 more times (right from the EASY STRENGTH book)

I am shaky and put my equipment away.

I have put link to a KB deck workout you can perform.  This is not the same as the workout above, but great no the less.

Kettle Bell Deck Workout


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June 20th, 2013 at 2:25 pm

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