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Do Not Do This Exercise If You Are a New Mom

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23 Oct 2012

I saw something today that shocked me, a baby and mom class performing ball crunches as a group.  I have never seen any of these women test for Rectus Diastasis and no options were given.  I was upset and sad to realize many new moms are not getting information, advice and options.   Please if you are a new mother and have rectus diastasis, a separation of your abdominal wall NEVER DO CRUNCHES.  You can test for this separation yourself of have a physiotherapist test you if you are unsure.  Lye on your back, bend one knee keeping your foot flat on the floor, place your fingers in the mid line of your tummy, between your abs and start by curling your neck up off the floor.  If you feel your abs separate more than 2.5 finger widths stop immediately.  At this separation you are advised to seek help from a professional.  I have gone through this in detail in a previous post.  Myself I was right at the cusp with a 2.5 finger width split.  Almost all women will have a split so to be safe avoid crunching and focus on stabilizing exercises for now that.  A stabilizing exercise will flex your transverse abdominus and bring your abs together, start with a simple front plank from your knees, or lying on your back with both knees bent and lifting one knee towards your belly button.

Here is the link to the previous post  POST PARTUM ABS- what to do and what not to do



One easy kid friendly recipe- gluten free

Fried Rice- Brown rice steamed and mixed with coconut oil, gluten free soy sauce, peas and veggies, eggs

Cook rice in advance, fry the veggies in a wok or skillet in coconut oil, add the rice then some soy sauce, spread rice to sides and cook 5 eggs scrambled in the middle of pan, mix all together and add more soy sauce to taste


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