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Post surgery fitness for moms.  I recently had surgery and was off fitness or lifting anything for that matter for a few months.  I noticed my breathing was laboured and went to see my team at the Urban Athlete.  My diaphragm was not working correctly from general lack of activity and laying in a fetal position for many days post surgery.  Just climbing the steps I was out of breath.  I am sure many new moms with c sections or vaginal births experience this type of dysfunction during recovery.  Although I did not give birth again, my surgery was in the same segment of the body.  So what to do-

1.  See a physiotherapist or RMT that can help release some muscles in your abdominal region when your surgeon gives you the green light.

2.  Most importantly I returned to simple breathing exercises– this made the biggest difference for me.  Long deep breaths, expanding my rib cage as much as I could.

I knew I had to start with the basics and remaster them before having any chance of a regular fitness routine.  I know I am not alone in this subject as it seems many women I have shared this information with have gone through a similar experience.

After mastering breathing again, it was time for simple lifts of 8lb with kegals, and the leg lowering series written if phase 1 of the Busy Mom Fitness book.

Do not rush into moves that you may not be ready for, be methodical, and in reality I only had to perform the post rehab exercises routine for 2 weeks before pursuing my regular strength and conditioning workout with lower weights.  My regular routine starts with a series of dynamic movement and activation exercises like glut bridges, I them do a small plyometric or Olympic lift series and continue with strength super sets, followed by 2 core exercises and a conditioning routine such as burpie presses, burpie pull-ups, sprints- something that is highly metabolic.  I am a far cry from where I was a few months ago, but it all started again with a good foundation- the key to all success.


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