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Family Schedule

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21 Oct 2010

The kids are settled into their school routines now and there are no excuses for fitness.  Some key things that really help out our household to maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle are:

1.  Make a weekly food schedule including breakfasts, lunches and dinners.  An Example Day 1 in my house is- Breakfast– cooked oatmeal with peanut butter, yogurt and fruit mixed all together.  Lunch for the girls– ham sandwich, 250ml organic juice, a piece of fruit, hummus and veggie sticks .  Lunch for my husband and I are usually leftovers- meaning chicken curry with brown rice for tomorrow.  Dinner-pasta with a homemade sauce including fresh tomatoes, pesto, red peppers, olives, some kind of meat, and broccoli.

2.  I make sure the kids and dog are walked/exercised– or the kids jump in their mini bouncy castle- which they are doing right now.  It’s only 8×8 and fits in our toy area- perfect-tired kids. 

3. While they jump or run in the park I can usually fit in a short busy mom fitness routine for myself.  2 favourites of mine are listed:

Routine 1– if the kid are jumping – a pushup/pullup superset and repeat this 3-5x.

Routine 2– if we are at the park- Bulgarian split squats with elevated sides planks- repeat 3-5x

It’s that simple!!!

Not rocket science- it’s just about making a schedule and committing to it.

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