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With all of the hype around fitness, the different names for “special programs”, new equipment- “ours is the best” mentality who do you believe.  Let me help clarify this. 1.  There has been nothing NEW in the fitness industry in about 40-50 years- most educated trainers and coaches are reading studies (or renewed forms of […]

I definately practice what I preach.  I do some form of activity most days of the week.  I do each style of activity only 1-2x/week.  I know as a new mom this investment in time may not be feasible, but short home workouts are.  Regaining your strength and fitness after childbirth is possible.  It just […]

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Baby Bump Fitness is run by personal trainer and mom Jacqueline Gradish for soon-to-be moms and new moms. Safe, quick & EFFECTIVE fitness solutions that really work, including workouts, rehab exercises and nutrition tips.

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