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Archive for May, 2013

Carrying over from last days post regarding exercise progressions, and Not Running before Walking. This may have caused more confusion as where to start exercising as a new mom.  Follow these simple rules. 1. Stabilize or Re-stabilize your joints before starting an intense exercise program. 2. Fix old/new injuries that may have flared up with […]

I have noticed an outstanding trend at the gym with members, trainers and even one of my clients.  People RUNNING before they can WALK.  Yes this is a metaphor.  People and trainers see a cool exercise and try it before you know it they are preforming multiple sets and reps of this NEW exercise with […]

After riding my bike to work 2x last week my hip is bit tight.  I had surgery about 1.5 years ago now and have be consistent to keep moving and stay strong.  New or revisited movements can irritate it.  What do I do to counteract this? Well my warm up is slightly longer than my […]

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