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Archive for April, 2013

Here is a choppy home video I made yesterday after completing my workout. I felt so energized I decided to share this. Yesterday I had a tight schedule.  I had 30 minutes in total to get in a workout, shower and out the door to get the kids.  I didn’t want to be drained as […]

The goal of any strength and conditioning coach/trainer should be in order; 1.  Not allow your athlete/client to get hurt/injured at your hand during their fitness program. 2. Instill Consistency in your clients fitness program. If you follow these rules, results will happen.   The speed of which results happen then are a partial result […]

Yes I ate way too many chocolates this Easter weekend as usual.  No stress though.  On Good Friday I woke up early before the kids were awake and did a quick metabolic workout with kettlebells.  This was to deplete my stores as I knew I would be eating and drinking later that day at a […]

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