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Archive for June, 2010

I have taken the past week off work due to the G 20 in Toronto and I have taken a week off of working out as well to give my body a rest.  There are a few keys moves that I need to perform to prevent my old injuries from surfacing as a typical ache/or […]

Today I took a typical GYM workout and changed a few moves to make it HOME friendly.  Yes I have a few clients along with myself on a template program, but today after work I wanted to get out of the gym and enjoy a backyard workout- so I modified my intense template program to […]

Much to my surprise this morning my 4 year daughter ripped out about 20 pushups, a front plank, downward dog and a table top bridge-wow just when I though she wasn’t listening. As we are early into our summer season many mom are looking for a quick fitness regim.  Simple Rules to a Great Workout […]

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