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Archive for April, 2010

What are some easy changes you can make to your diet right now. Well add more fibre. This post was inspired by a couple I train that are foodies, she is a chef and owned 2 successful restaurants. They need guidance, but do not want to follow a strict tastless food plan. Fair enough, I […]

Your body is constantly changing during your pregnancy. Some days are good or energetic days and some days are well questionable. Don’t worry, you can change your workout to accommodate both types of days. If you are having an energetic pregnancy day you can circuit your pregnancy workout. Group 2-3 exercises together and work through […]

Today my simple yet intense home workout routine.   Baby Bump Busy Mom Fitness  for fat loss 17 minute routine. Warmup– including static glut, hip flexor and pec stretches then wall slides, lunges, bridges, planks Countdown workout I performed this superset continuously completing 10 of each then 9 of each until 1 of each. Exercise Superset– Full […]

Even though my daughters are getting older I still have the odd sleepless night- like last night.  After a full day of training and running on fumes should I work out?  Today yes, and this is the reasons why- I do not feel like I’m coming down with anything, I have overeaten and under exercised […]

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