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Archive for February, 2010

Busy mom fitness-For 1 month I am performing body weight only exercises.  I am really enjoying the change so far.  I am working towards my goal of strengthening my push-up, I have added a short yoga based stretch to the end of my workout using poses such as Pigeon and Downward Dog and Tables.  I just […]

I have been taking it easy with regard to my workouts the past 2 weeks as I am just recovering from a chest infection.  My minimal energy and activity has been paired with eating treats with my kids and watching movies and the Olympics.   Time to get out of this 2 week rut and overhaul my […]

I have just started to train a new pregnant woman at the gym- she thinks she is 7-8 weeks pregnant. I noticed during the assessment she was getting breathless quick and kept referring to how deconditioned she is. I told her the facts on what is happening to her body while exercising during this early […]

Today is Monday and I use this day to work on my Baby Bump Fitness program, spend time with my youngest daughter and COOK. I cook a bunch on meals for the week on Monday so I am never at a loss for a healthy meal. Diet is the key to a permanent healthy lifestyle. […]

One great mom fat blasting circuit.  2 rounds of this are sufficient and will leave you gasping for your next breath. 1. Burpie Shoulder Press, 2. Front Chop, 3 and 4. 1 arm Dumbbell Snatch each side, 5.  jump squats. Repeat these continuously and then rest 3 minutes before completing these 10 exercises again. If you […]

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