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One of those days, my husband is travelling, we have a wet basement from all the rain, Ava ate too much spicy sausage and barfed it up- so it continues.  I am tired, so what am I going to do about it.  I make a short list of my priorities and implement.  1. take care […]

Post Partum Abdominal Exercises This week I was talking to my massage therapist and she said she had a post natal client with diastasis recti.  She said she was doing crunches and her abdominal split was getting worse- she was 6 months post partum if I recall correctly. First What is Rectus Diastasis?  Wikipedia Definition It is the separation […]

New Mom Fitness and Fat Loss For a brand new mom where and when do you start your fitness regime?  Things you first need to consider to help you figure out where to start. 1.  Are you capable of committing and maintaining a regular fitness program?  This means 3x/ week about 20 minutes per session.  […]

Writing down your wants in all areas of your life has proven extremely useful to achieving your goals.  I have written down my Fitness and Personal goals for the near future.  Journals will give you time to reflect on what you have, want you want and makes you think how you will get there.  I challenge […]

What people are saying about Busy Mom Fitness programme. Thanks Jacqueline! Something kind of hilarious: I don’t actually have any kids; I’m in my first year as a lawyer, and I have absolutely no free time, and when I saw the feature in the Globe, I thought the program might be a good way to start […]

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