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Archive for December, 2009

I hope everyone is having a great holiday season.  So what is it like to be pregnant through the holidays?  You are missing out on unpasteurized cheeses, wine and need more sleep than others.  On a positive note you are not hungover, most likely have gone to bed on time.  Your only enemy could be […]

Today I am going to post a little stretching program.  Stress and cold weather along with dehydration can really tighten everything up.  My own shoulder is bugging my with all this change and the fact that my daughter has just gained weight.  5 SUPER  BUSY MOM STRETCHES 1. neck/traps   2.  traps/scapula   3. pectorials   4. gluteals   5.  […]

I am sure you are being bombarded with free fitness tips and gifts right now.  Everyone telling you, you should be working out 2x as hard to prevent to holiday weight gain.  Well not me, I can assure you I have not had time to make you a free gift this holiday season, but it […]

All prograde products are on sale until Friday December 11th midnight.  You get a savings of 15% off all Prograde products just by entering the code holiday 15 as the coupon code at the check out. This is the email I received from Jayson Hunter RD, CSCS of Prograde Nutrition regarding the sale. I just wanted to […]

After returning home from my grandma’s 95th birthday party I have had a slow start to the week.  Today I did a small busy mom fitness workout consisting of a dynamic warmup, with various super-sets each 2x through. Superset1- Bulgarian split squat with elevated foot side plank Superset 2- Front barbell squat, horizontal pullups, decline […]

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