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Archive for November, 2009

Is walking a form of fat loss?????   NO, if you want to lose fat you need to raise your heart rate much more than that.  Walking is a function of life, relieves stress and is activity but it is not fat burning/muscle building exercise.  It is actually muscle sparring which is counterproductive to raising your […]

This weekend I got a great question from a colleagues client.  She is 6 months pregnant and wanted some abdominal exercises because her SEPARATION was bugging her.  As pregnancy progresses rectus diastase is inevitable but there are ways to prevent early separation and have relative comfort.  Managing this is the key.   What Not To Do   […]

Let me introduce one of my friends, colleagues and fellow pregnancy fitness expert, Nisha, of The 9 Month Club.   We have been reading each others post, support one another and I feel she is truly about getting the right information out to pregnant women.  I would like to feature this extraordinary article that she has […]

This is a copy of a newletter I sent out to subscribers over the weekend with some great tips and workouts.  This weekend I will be celebrating my oldest daughters 4th birthday.  We have ordered a fairytopia cake and she will be decorating cookies with some cousins to celebrate.   Wow 4 years flies by when you have children. […]

Although I am starting to get more sleep now, I know many of you reading this blog are not.  Kids are waking you, stress is all around as the holiday season approaches.  It becomes very easy to say “I’ll start tomorrow” or “I’ll get back on track”.  Before you know it your stress has caught […]

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