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Archive for September, 2009

Today, I have been featured as one of Toronto’s Top Independent Personal Trainers.  Please read the article at Experience T.O.   The link to the front cover is Front Cover , I think you can pick me out, I’m the only female.  Anyway it’s a fun read take a look.  Kasia has issues with her hair, already.   […]

Lets clear up a few huge misconceptions in the fitness world.  I have posted 3  common mistakes and elaborated with reason why. 1. Cardio is NOT the most efficient way to lose fat. 2. You will NOT BULK UP from heavy resistance training. 3. Longer workouts are NOT Better. Cardio Vs. Resistance Training Cardio training […]

Wow, this has made my day.  I find in my google search an article by Baby Bump Fitness, that I don’t recognize.  What is going on?  So I click through and to my delight I find and author at Parenting Tips who has reviewed a few of my posts and product.  This is great check […]

Cold season has arrived as Kasia has returned to school. She has brought home a virus that Ava picked up combined with BRUTAL teething. We have been up for 2 nights with her and she is consistently throwing up mucous that sits in her chest after she lays down for a few hours. I feel […]

Today I’ll report on some easy nutrition tips, with some modifications so you can give them to your children or send them to a “nut free” child zone such as school, daycare or birthday parties.  These are also great snacks when you are pregnant.  Eating is essential for all, but to get in healthy snacks […]

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