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Archive for July, 2009

It is time to teach Ava how to brush her 4 teeth, she loves it. I gave Ava her tooth brush in the tub, so of course her big sister then asks if she can brush her teeth as well. It was great Kasia was teaching her younger sister something useful. I actually relaxed for about […]

Many moms suffer in silence with low back pain.  I am not exaggerating by say ALL MOMS will suffer some kind of back pain from caring for her children.  Many feel it’s just another part of motherhood, but they don’t realize with a few key exercises and stretches they can prevent and fix their low […]

Today, I have a guest post written from parenting expert Cascia Talbert of the Healthy Moms Network.  Cascia is a busy mom and 39 weeks pregnant so she knows about being tired and dealing with toddlers. Anger Management Tips for Stressed Out Parents By Cascia Talbert   I love my kids but as a mother I […]

  I received an email asking me if I take the multi vitamins I promote and do I take the amount it says on the bottle. Yes I take an all natural Prograde muti-vitamin.   As a busy, active mom I rely on keeping up with my nutrition.  There is a lot of crap on the […]


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15 Jul 2009

Today allowed me some time in my schedule so I had a longer workout (45 minutes).  I really pushed my max limits on many of my lifts today.  I had time to rest between sets and went for it.  My Busy Mom Strength Workout Today Warm Up Circuit-2x- full front barbell squat/barbell push press/barbell good […]

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