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Yes hip strength is very important during pregnancy. Working on your hip rotators, flexors and extensors can help prevent some low back discomfort. Your pelvis is changing and your muscles are changing in length too, you need to keep them strong so they do not become too tight, too loose or too weak on any […]


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29 Jun 2009

Wrist pain plagues most new mothers. It can start during your pregnancy due to general pregnancy swelling and continue into motherhood. Wrist or forearm pain can also start during motherhood. Caring for a baby can put a lot of strain on your wrist joint and get you using small muscle in your hands that you […]

Recti Diastasis Study NEW YORKERS

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22 Jun 2009

Calling all pregnant mothers and new mothers in NEW YORK. This is a unique opportunity for you to be part of a study with Julie Tupler, RN. Hello, My name is Julie Tupler, RN and I am doing a research study on diastasis recti and need 100 new moms by July 15th to participate. All […]


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22 Jun 2009

That’s right, boost your metabolism. But How? One way is to perform your total body exercise through a full range of motion. Working in a gym I see the majority of people exercising (about 80-90%) performing this functional exercise in a limited range. Can you guess what it is? The squat. I see many people […]


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21 Jun 2009

Happy fathers day to all the dads out there. Moms hopefully you and your children are making this a special day for dad. I am sure there is a lot of bad cooking going on right now and spilled breakfast in bed. My baby is napping right now and Kasia has taken Mike to his […]

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