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30 Mar 2009

One of many symptoms of pregnancy is pubic pain. Loosened ligaments increase the mobility of the pelvic joint and can cause pain and irritation. This irritation may be worsened by exercise, impact and weight bearing activities. If you suffer from this irritation while performing hip adduction, hip abduction (side lying leg lifts) and to a […]

Well feeling better after food poisoning last week. I attempted my first workout back today. It was a no brainer busy mom fat loss workout that was interrupted by a screaming, teething baby. My busy mom fat loss workout- First Circut continuous modified pullups 10x followed by heavy front chops 10x, I repeated this 4x. […]

PREGNANCY EXERCISE -Preventing Hemorrhoids

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24 Mar 2009

Although I am a huge fan of performing a full squat exercise during pregnancy as it helps open the birth canal let look at some precautions as well. It is hard to maintain neutral spine, especially as your pregnancy progresses. Make sure you use a mirror to check your posture and a balance aid or […]


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24 Mar 2009

I will not be performing my max strength experiment this week as I had of food poisoning, thank god it was me and not one of the kids. We have implemented a schedule to accommodate date night/family outing/entertaining in our household. Well this week during our family outing we took the kids to a restaurant […]

BUSY MOM FITNESS-Week 4 Max Strength

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16 Mar 2009

Busy Mom Fat Loss Workout Monday 15 minutes- Circut #1 chops, pullups, ball pushups repeat 3x Circut #2-4 clean and press each side, ball roll outs, full squat/press repeat 2xI used the 20 second work/ 10 second rest busy mom fat loss principles. Workout Tuesday- Mommy Core Exercise work today. Exercises were done continuous with […]

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