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27 Feb 2009

I have been getting some more response regarding the recipes and realized people without a blogger account cannot comment on the blog. If you want to share your recipes with others mothers please email me at and I will post your recipes or you can sign in and post your recipes in the […]


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25 Feb 2009

I have had a bit of feedback regarding the slow cooker recipes, a couple of people are trying them out. Let me know how it goes. Our family is ticking along and my husband has just started the FitandBusyDad fitness program written by my friend Chris Lopez. I would highly recommend this for any busy […]

2 New Exercises For You

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23 Feb 2009

I just want to share 2 new exercises I have posted on you tube. I have indicated they are for new mothers, but these exercises are fabulous for pregnancy as well. When performing the first pregnancy exercise for scapular stability and lower trapezius fibres, try to start with the stability ball as close to your […]

Ok, how do you take care of your children, run your house hold, make money, and eat a healthy- hot family meal every night. Two words–CROCK POT. That’s right, I rely on my Slow Cooker to provide a healthy- hot meal for my family. I use the slow cooker about 4 nights a week and […]

MOM FITNESS Dancing Queen

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11 Feb 2009

Every night after dinner my 3 year old asks to be excused from the table and goes to turn on the TV. We have ended this, “NO TV, you can listen to music or play with your toys”. My daughter out of her own volition has decided to DANCE, as we have music on anyway […]

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