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Archive for November, 2008

Old Friends

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29 Nov 2008

Workout this morning- 3 Rounds of 20 seconds work/10 second rest. Exercises for first 2 rounds pull ups as my interval with burpie press, ball pull ins, heavy kettle bell swing, jumping jacks, for my last round used push ups as my interval. To explain this I do a set of berpies then pull ups, […]

Don’t Slip- LATERAL TRAINING For Pregnancy

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27 Nov 2008

Around your 4th month of pregnancy you could begin to lose your balance. Your pelvis is opening, you are using your gluts, lateral (outside) leg muscles in a different way and your baby bump is starting to show. Try this simple lateral exercise suitable for any stage of pregnancy. You can use any style resistance […]

Winter Has Arrived

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25 Nov 2008

It looks like the snow is here to stay here in Toronto. Along with snow, there is ice and traitorous walking conditions for a pregnant woman. This is only amplified if you are carrying another child to the car and trying to lift them into their car seat. During our brutal winter last year I […]

Exercise Selection

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25 Nov 2008

Today on my lunch hour I raced up to my daughters school to see her 30 second performance of reciting a poem at the schools annual book drive. (really she just held up a sign and mouthed a few words) I cut through traffic and made it in time, only to realize I had left […]

First Born

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23 Nov 2008

Please read my post regarding the most important day of my life at link .

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