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Please, please recognize that cycling, running/jogging, walking all of these activities are linear and are Quadriceps dominant. Over time doing consistent quad dominant exercise can lead to tight hip flexors and overuse.  This is directly linked to back pain, hip discomfort and can eventually lead to chronic issues.  To avoid these issues related to high […]

Start time:  10:46am End Time 11:03am Total time including recovery and warmup- 17 minutes Circuit 3x through 8-10 reps per exercise per circuit and rest as needed between circuits Exercises 1. Right leg Bulgarian split squat 2. Left leg Bulgarian split squat 3. Vertical pullups with band 4. R arm front kettelbell swings 5. L […]

High Heel Hangover- do you know what this is?  Most women and I can personally say all of my female clients have experienced this.  Have you ever tried to squat and just felt too tight to make it to 90 degrees or lower?  You got a pulling in your calf or foot and was forced forward […]

For a new mom carrying around a new baby for the next 2.5 years can be taxing on your body.  You are now using your arms, shoulder, abs trying to carry a unpredicatable moving baby.  I am posting a video with 2 of my favourite exercises to help with neck and shoulder discomfort associated with […]

Today I had a glut dominant workout as I rode my bike to work yesterday which always overuses my quads.  The truth is most conventional activity is quad dominant- biking, running, walking, elliptical trainers, skipping, squatting.  Anything in a linear pattern basically.  In general people should practice a 1:2 quad to glut (hip extension) dominant […]

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