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Yes hip strength is very important during pregnancy. Working on your hip rotators, flexors and extensors may help prevent some low back discomfort. Your pelvis is changing and your muscles are changing in length too, you need to keep them strong so they do not become too tight, too loose or too weak on any […]

Carrying over from last days post regarding exercise progressions, and Not Running before Walking. This may have caused more confusion as where to start exercising as a new mom.  Follow these simple rules. 1. Stabilize or Re-stabilize your joints before starting an intense exercise program. 2. Fix old/new injuries that may have flared up with […]

After riding my bike to work 2x last week my hip is bit tight.  I had surgery about 1.5 years ago now and have be consistent to keep moving and stay strong.  New or revisited movements can irritate it.  What do I do to counteract this? Well my warm up is slightly longer than my […]

I saw something today that shocked me, a baby and mom class performing ball crunches as a group.  I have never seen any of these women test for Rectus Diastasis and no options were given.  I was upset and sad to realize many new moms are not getting information, advice and options.   Please if […]

Post surgery fitness for moms.  I recently had surgery and was off fitness or lifting anything for that matter for a few months.  I noticed my breathing was laboured and went to see my team at the Urban Athlete.  My diaphragm was not working correctly from general lack of activity and laying in a fetal […]

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