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Yes I ate way too many chocolates this Easter weekend as usual.  No stress though.  On Good Friday I woke up early before the kids were awake and did a quick metabolic workout with kettlebells.  This was to deplete my stores as I knew I would be eating and drinking later that day at a […]

Today we have a great guest post from my friends at Prograde Nutrition.  As you know, I would only post what I feel is the best information and highest quality products on the market on my blog.  These are supplements me and all of my family use.   Are YOU Taking This During Pregnancy? By […]

Well, you have had a baby and need to get your body back.  It’s natural you are going to feel a bit out of sorts, look at what you have just been through.  Gaining 30-50lb, a complete body overhaul, exhaustion all to get your beautiful bundle of joy that you spend most of your time […]

One of those days, my husband is travelling, we have a wet basement from all the rain, Ava ate too much spicy sausage and barfed it up- so it continues.  I am tired, so what am I going to do about it.  I make a short list of my priorities and implement.  1. take care […]

Although I am starting to get more sleep now, I know many of you reading this blog are not.  Kids are waking you, stress is all around as the holiday season approaches.  It becomes very easy to say “I’ll start tomorrow” or “I’ll get back on track”.  Before you know it your stress has caught […]

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