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Enjoy and happy mothers day to all- this is your day to gloat.  For the most part if I don’t have to wipe a kids dirty bum it’s a great day.   Please call every mother you know and wish them a great day.  This year I have gone out of my way, or my immediate family bubble, […]

After years of living a healthy lifestyle, teaching and promoting fitness I had a great experience recently.  I took my eldest daughter on a ski week.  This has been a work in progress, with careful family planning.  YES family planning, most of you may think that only relevant when wanting to have a child, but […]

Today I thought I had NO ENERGY, but I surprised myself and ripped out a great busy mom workout.   I think I just got into the “poor me” mindset because the weather was crappy, I am a single parent for the next few days, blah, blah, blah.  I started with my foam rolling and some […]

I have had a slow week of working out.  I have become exhausted as it has been over a month since I have slept through the night.  Ava is now on an inhaler and her breathing is better, but still waking.  I have had several days off of working out and today I performed a […]

Today, I have been featured as one of Toronto’s Top Independent Personal Trainers.  Please read the article at Experience T.O.   The link to the front cover is Front Cover , I think you can pick me out, I’m the only female.  Anyway it’s a fun read take a look.  Kasia has issues with her hair, already.   […]

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