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So after a flood of questions regarding anaerobic style training or the TABATA interval and fat loss I will explain it all here.  I was first drawn to this method by the people that I research and read.  I, myself have an athletic background and follow many sports trainers myself.  So a world renowned Strength […]

I am getting some great response regarding an article I was featured in today at the Globe and Mail newspaper in Toronto. Here is the link GLOBE AND MAIL that features the Baby Bump Busy Mom Fitness program and one of the mothers who uses this program. Thanks to mom of 2, Michelle Marder for […]


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19 May 2009

It has been a long haul this week, my husband was away since last Thursday and finally on the day he is to return, the girls woke up sick. A long week of work and parenting on my own, I was so looking forward to taking them to Riverdale Farms for the day and enjoying. […]

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