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Great Exercise for Pregnancy

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4 Nov 2008

This is an isometric adductor squeeze, squeeze the stability ball for 10-30 seconds continuously. You can use different sized stability balls to isometrically strengthen your adductors in different ranges. I am 9 months pregnant in this photo, this can be done during any time of your pregnancy and recovery. This exercise is easily managed late […]

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I noticed almost immediately (about 6 weeks) my posture was changing, my breast became sore and enlarged. This was pulling my shoulders and neck forward. I started to double up on my upper back exercises and stretch my chest muscles 3x/day. This was one of the few times I have ever done a static stretch […]

First Pregnancy 1st Trimester

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23 Oct 2008

Pregnancy guidelines had just changed when I realized I was pregnant with my first. I decided to use a combination of guidelines. I personally limited my heart rate to 150 bpm because this is where I felt comfortable. I opted against using the rate of perceived exertion scale because I figured my perception of exertion […]

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