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One Of Those Days

In: Kids & Mom

23 Aug 2009

My day starts off by taking the girls to the grocery store.  Two poops and three meltdowns later I realize I left my wallet in the car after all the groceries were bagged.  I asked the clerk to watch the kids and said sorry to the Saturday morning grocery line up and sprinted out to […]


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19 May 2009

It has been a long haul this week, my husband was away since last Thursday and finally on the day he is to return, the girls woke up sick. A long week of work and parenting on my own, I was so looking forward to taking them to Riverdale Farms for the day and enjoying. […]

Today I performed my workout and attempted my max lifts on the barbell Clean and total number of Berpie Pullups. This is the third week of my 6 week mini experiment. I have 2 control athletes that have been posting at and I am the test subject. My conditions for the past few days […]

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