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Your body is constantly changing during your pregnancy. Some days are good or energetic days and some days are well questionable. Don’t worry, you can change your workout to accommodate both types of days. If you are having an energetic pregnancy day you can circuit your pregnancy workout. Group 2-3 exercises together and work through […]

This weekend I got a great question from a colleagues client.  She is 6 months pregnant and wanted some abdominal exercises because her SEPARATION was bugging her.  As pregnancy progresses rectus diastase is inevitable but there are ways to prevent early separation and have relative comfort.  Managing this is the key.   What Not To Do   […]

Muscle cramps are a nagging part of pregnancy. A few way to avoid muscle cramps are; 1. Preform a proper warm up and cool down during your exercise routine. Your cool down should be extended and gradually bring your heart rate back to resting before perform static stretching. This will keep blood from pooling in […]

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