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I hope everyone is having a great holiday season.  So what is it like to be pregnant through the holidays?  You are missing out on unpasteurized cheeses, wine and need more sleep than others.  On a positive note you are not hungover, most likely have gone to bed on time.  Your only enemy could be […]

This weekend I got a great question from a colleagues client.  She is 6 months pregnant and wanted some abdominal exercises because her SEPARATION was bugging her.  As pregnancy progresses rectus diastase is inevitable but there are ways to prevent early separation and have relative comfort.  Managing this is the key.   What Not To Do   […]

Muscle cramps are a nagging part of pregnancy. A few way to avoid muscle cramps are; 1. Preform a proper warm up and cool down during your exercise routine. Your cool down should be extended and gradually bring your heart rate back to resting before perform static stretching. This will keep blood from pooling in […]

Yes hip strength is very important during pregnancy. Working on your hip rotators, flexors and extensors can help prevent some low back discomfort. Your pelvis is changing and your muscles are changing in length too, you need to keep them strong so they do not become too tight, too loose or too weak on any […]

Pregnancy Exercise May Increase Baby IQ

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3 May 2009

ARTICLEMOTHERS who exercise during pregnancy are helping to boost their child’s IQ, according to research by American psychologists. “Exercising large muscle groups increases the growth of neurons and adds to the blood supply of the brain,” writes Nisbett, a psychologist. This is an easy read take a look for yourself, interesting approach.

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