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Pregnancy Posture-Interview 2

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19 Dec 2008

Question BBF -Dr A, can you list the muscles that become tight during pregnancy and the muscles that become weak during pregnancy as the body changes? Dr. A– A woman’s posture changes significantly throughout pregnancy. This is accompanied by many imbalances in the body where some muscles become too tight while others become too weak. […]

Joint Laxity- Modified Piriformis Stretch

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13 Nov 2008

Due to release of the hormone relaxin your joints are more lax. If you have ever suffered from hypermobility or a knee problem such as torn MCL ligament you have to be even more careful while stretching during pregnancy. I suggest all mothers use the modified piriformis stretch instead of the traditional stretch after their […]

Foam Rolling- Start Early

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2 Nov 2008

Prevent and manage piriformis syndrome. Foam rolling or the poor man’s massage can literally save your a*s during pregnancy. Please refer to the photo’s for tips on rolling your gluts and piriformis. Stay ahead of the game and try to prevent muscle cramps associated with later pregnancy. You can start by just sitting on the […]

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