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New Social Network For Pregnancy/Motherhood

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14 Dec 2008

Please check out the new social network for you at . This is set up for you to ask questions, meet people or just rant. We have some great professionals as members. Welcome Dr. Michael K Jones (physiotherapist), owner/instructor of American Association of Fitness and Rehab Professionals and owner of many sports physiotherapy clinics […]

Post Rehabilitation Workout

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1 Dec 2008

My Workout– Wall shoulder rotations with shoulder press 2 sets, isometric lunge with lat row 2 sets/leg, isometric lunge with chest press 2 sets/leg, side plank leg lift, up/up/down/down front plank, abdominal leg lower 1 leg at a time, crunch with one leg extended, band external shoulder rotation, lower trap palm to ceiling off stability […]

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