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MOM FITNESS Dancing Queen

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11 Feb 2009

Every night after dinner my 3 year old asks to be excused from the table and goes to turn on the TV. We have ended this, “NO TV, you can listen to music or play with your toys”. My daughter out of her own volition has decided to DANCE, as we have music on anyway […]

I am finally over my flu after a relapse on Friday. The entire house was healthy for about 3 hours and then my husband and Kasia got a cold, now the baby has a cold and I have been up the past two nights with her. The cycle continues. At times like this when exercise […]


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29 Jan 2009

As a mom you are constantly surrounded by germs and sickness. The kids bring everything home for daycare and school, you pick things up at work and the public transit. During the dead of winter it is inevitable, you will probably catch a little virus. This is no excuse to fall off of your mom […]


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26 Jan 2009

I tried to take my eldest daughter downhill skiing on the weekend, well it was minus 25 degrees with the windchill. We tried our best to get out, but after 2 runs she was shivering and I was not going to fight it. I had to get out, the weather is killing us and we […]


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15 Jan 2009

OK so no one picked up on it. Sled drags. Mamma’s if you want to lose fat, plop your baby into a snow sled and perform 50 metre runs with baby behind you, work up to 10 of these and I guarantee you will notice something great happening to you.My workout– dynamics, 4 sets of […]

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